Private Land Hunting: a great self-guided experience

We cater to groups ! 

Prices run between $4,000-$6,000 per rifle elk hunter, $3,000-$4,000 per archery elk hunter, (you need minimum of four hunters for rifle, two for archery to book and have ranch exclusive to your party) and $3,000-$4,000 per rifle deer hunter (need three to book and have ranch exclusive to your party) .  We also typically offer first-right-of refusal to our current year hunters before booking the following year.  This is subject to change but has worked well for everyone since we started in 2001.

Pricing depends on group size and if you’re staying on the ranch (recommended, but some hunters have stayed in hotels in Idaho Falls–30 minutes away)

Our Operation and History:

We started leasing and managing private land for high-quality hunts in Idaho beginning in 2001.  As of 2022, we’re operating on 6,500 acres of mostly private land. All game is free range.

In 2011, we obtained our outfitters license which allows us to obtain insurance and bonding as well as accompany hunters into the field when needed.

Don’t confuse us with the low-quality trespass-fee hunt operations that generate too many horror stories.  I only work with reliable landowners (no two-talking, slight-of-hand backstabbers allowed) who let me run the hunting.  I’ve been operating this  business since 2001 with very few customer complaints and many returning customers (one group has returned for nearly 10+ years!).  If we get a complaint, it’s always related to an individual hunter not being able to find the game we’ve scouted, especially with deer. I make no apologies as while our success rates (posted below) are really good, they are not 100% every year.  That’s hunting boys!

Success Rates:

Our branch-antlered bull elk success rates average 50-100% success (30-40% for mule deer) and our hunters have opportunities at 300-340″ bull just about every year.  Our ranches are in an over-the-counter unit that offers poor to average (15-20% success) hunting on the non-managed private and public ground portions, proving that our management program is working.

What is self-guided?:

Self-guided means you bring your own food and/or camp (we can provide lodging) and we do the prescouting before you arrive.  You must have onX Hunt Maps to know the property boundaries. If you wound an animal and it goes on the neighbors property, that animal is lost as neighbors won’t give us access to retrieve, so don’t hunt close to ranch boundaries and only take lethal shots.  You retrieve your game on your own, which isn’t too difficult relatively speaking. There is motorized access on most of the ranch, but we don’t recommend hunting close to your motorized vehicle–private land wild game is still wild game. Because we operate on private land where we control the hunting pressure, we can offer you success rates usually only seen in one-on-one guided hunts but for less money.

Management Guidelines:

We manage our ranches for approximately one hunter per 500-1,000 acres, per species, depending on the year.  These low hunter densities combined with great habitat are what makes our success rates relatively high.

Check out the links at the top and/or right side of the page for more information or email today to book your hunt.  If you’d rather talk to us, let us know in an email and we’ll get connected.

You can read more about the property we manage, see the harvested animals, and read a few short stories from previous hunt by clicking here

If you email us during hunting season, be patient!  We will get back to you.

Robby Denning, Owner/Operator WeScout4u Inc.