Our ranches offer some of the best over-the-counter bull elk hunting in Idaho.

The success rate for rifle bull elk has never been below 50% and has been 100% on some years. The average success rate runs 70%. Bulls can go over 300″ with the average bull being a mature five point. Archery hunting bull elk during the rut is an incredible experience on the ranches with experienced archers approaching 100% success rates on bulls.

There are some good bucks on the ranch, too. However, unless you draw the late tag during the rut, all buck hunting occurs in October which is a tough time to hunt deer. Success runs between 30-100% on 4-point or better bucks. Some excellent mule deer bucks have been killed on this ranch over the years. If you’re lucky enough to draw the late buck hunt in unit 69, November 1st -30th, this ranch holds high potential for a top mule deer.  The October hunt is still a quality hunt with very few hunters on the ranch and the chance to spot-and-stalk without getting goofed up by another hunter.  We see 180″+ deer on the ranch almost yearly and have seen bucks to 200″ gross.



Remember we cater to groups and rarely if ever have openings for single hunter.

This allows us not to mix groups of hunters on the ranch. As long as you have enough hunters to book, you’ll be the only ones hunting the deeded ground of the ranch. 640 acres or 10% of the ranch is landlocked public ground that we share with the neighbors who also hunt that one section, but the rest of the 6500 acres is exclusive access to your party. 

Staying on the ranch is a true Western hunting experience

This ranch has a cabin, a house trailer, and a developed campsite available to rent in addition to the trespass fee. The cabins and trailer have cooking facilities and either wood heat or gas heat and electricity except the cabin that is lit by lantern.