We Scout For You

We began leasing private ground in 2001, giving every day hunters fantastic opportunities

We learned that by finding the right hunters–hunters who prefer DIY hunting but want the uncrowded experience private land can offer–we are able to offer a unique service that provides high quality hunting opportunities without the expense and hassle of going fully guided. Our hunters take pride in finding, harvesting, and retrieving their game.

We provide prescouted information to get them hunting the right places from day one, but the rest is up to them. The fact that we’ve have several groups of hunters who’ve been returning for 5-10 years testifies of the quality experience they’re having with WeScout4u. The only downside to hunters returning year after year is wait time for new hunting parties can be long.


Remember we cater to groups and rarely if ever have openings for single hunter.

This allows us not to mix groups of hunters on the ranch. As long as you have enough hunters to book, you’ll be the only ones hunting the deeded ground of the ranch. 640 acres or 10% of the ranch is landlocked public ground that we share with the neighbors who also hunt that one section, but the rest of the 6500 acres is exclusive access to your party. Trespassing from other hunters has occurred, but is very rare.