About Us

What makes WeScout4u valuable is the combined experience of our staff in helping you learn an area to hunt quicker than you ever could on your own. Whether it is our high-quality private land hunting or our public land scouting service, experience and a willingness to share information is what our business is all about.

We only hire scouts with years of experience and the success to validate that experience. Most importantly, our scouts have a desire to help you in an honest way. Many residents would rather mislead other hunters or not help them at all. Relying soley on our great Fish and Game and land management agencies for hunting information will not give you a complete picture of your potential hunting area. Our scouts have spent considerable time in each area and will share everything they know and learn about your particular hunting area helping you achieve greater success. Don’t think of us as just “selling GPS coordinates”, we do much more than that and act as your personal hunt consultants.  We don’t accompany anyone ever into the field but provide prescouted information on maps and some phone consulting.  If you want a guide to accompany you into the field, be sure and hire a licensed outfitter for the state you’re interested in. We are not guides!

Hover your cursor over the “Welcome” page link at the very top of the page to find links on the scouts who make WeScout4u a success. You can read little about each of them and see photos of their own personal success in the field.