Nevada Scouting Packages



Nevada is a top mule deer state- if you’re lucky enough to draw. We offer scouting packages in Northeastern Nevada, specifically areas 6 and 7. If you’ve drawn and don’t have time to scout, depending on the year, we might be able to help you. Like the scouting packages in Idaho and Wyoming, you’ll receive a prescouted map package so all you have to do is show up and start hunting. Because of the distance we have to travel to offer these packages, we charge $1250. If you don’t have time to locate the country that holds the best bucks or bulls, this is a good investment to ensure that you get the most from your rare Nevada tag.

ELK: AREAS 6 and 7 and 8

We have scouted for elk in Northern Nevada areas 6, 7, and 8. The bull elk quality is great in these areas but there is a huge amount of real estate to sort through to find them. If you’re going self-guided, our service could be a value to you for the rare opportunity to hunt Nevada bulls. Our cost is $1250 for these packages.


Benji Burris and his brother contracted with our service in 2012 and took this muzzleloader buck in an area we scouted. Benji wrote, “Robby, The Scout Package was everything you said and more. The descriptions that came with the map package were precise. We found multiple shooter bucks everyday. I will definitely use your services again. Thanks for the hard work-Benji


Bob Staples and his party of four contracted with us in 2007 when they drew some good tags for an October hunt in Nevada. Robby Denning scouted the unit in August. Come October, the party killed 5 bucks in the area Robby scouted. It was the first time they’d been in the unit. This was the best buck, a great typical with good mass. Good job, guys.

 Bob’s buck and some of the others his party took. Scouting works!


Gary Bendix of Bend, Oregon drew a rare Nevada bull tag in 2007. Robby scouted several areas in early August before selecting where Gary should start his hunt. He arrived for the November muzzleloader hunt and took this 320″ class bull within a few days. Gary apologized for not taking a better picture, but he was alone when he took the bull. As the story goes, while he was cleaning the bull in the headlights of his ATV, he accidentally kicked it in gear and drove completely over the bull. Wish we had a picture of that! Good job Gary.

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