Montana Hunting – Scouting Packages

Our scout, Jim Carr, has been with us since 2008.  Based out of Northern Idaho, Jim has given us the ability to cover much of Idaho and even some of Montana.

We are offering Montana scouting packages covering a good part of Montana, including the Missouri breaks which hold big bulls and some sleeper bucks.   Jim spends many days in great mule deer and whitetail country from the Missouri breaks to Eastern and Southeastern Montana.  He is also familiar with the Southwest region and feels that it holds some great Montana elk hunting on the general license for someone who doesn’t mind burning shoe leather.  Jim also can help in the Northwest region, which holds good whitetails and pockets of good elk hunting and high-country mule deer.  Though few in number, there are some good bucks for the hardcore Montana hunter.

Jim’s Full Scouting Packages run $895, while his Informational packages are $350.  In some cases, if Jim has to travel far, he will add a reasonable daily charge to his packages to ensure he’s offering the best information possible.

Fire us an email or give us a call at 208 525 8458 for more information.

montana elk hunting

We only hire scouts who are great hunters themselves. Jim’s first year in Montana, he took this good archery bull and the buck shown below. I’d say we hired the right guy!

montana deer hunting

Jim’s 2012 public land Montana buck


Montana Hunting - success from scouting!

Jim scouted some country for Paul, shown here, and Sunny, below, in 2012. They hunted the area and turned up these bucks.


Montana deer hunting

Sunny’s buck from the area Jim scouted