Public Land Scouting Packages

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We have a vast knowledge of many of the units in Idaho as well as some of the top units in the Western Wyoming and NE Nevada. We scout many of these areas each year and update our extensive map library.

We can provide either our Full scouting packages which include the most current scouting information gathered before you arrive or, in some units, our Informational packages based on previous years’ scouting.

With either option, you’ll know where the game is or is most likely to be, how to hunt the area, and where to camp. Many of the do-it-yourself hunters that use our service tell us that it helps take the newness off an area so they can get down to serious hunting sooner. We can only offer a few packages per year, so if you’re serious, contact us as soon as possible. We sell out before summer most years.  See the links at top of page for your state of interest. (Idaho, Wyoming, Nevada).

If you’re only relying on information you’ve gathered from internet chat rooms, wildlife biologists, and tight-lipped locals, you could be missing a lot.  Internet chat rooms are helpful, but you won’t get a true picture of the area.  I’ve spent time volunteering in Fish and Game offices and listened to the professionals talk to inquiring hunters.  Suffice it to say they do a great job, but tell everyone the same information.  Finally, most locals don’t like non-residents and purposely mislead them.  If you want to have the best chance your first year in an area, you need on-the-ground, up-to-date information, and we can help provide that.

Who Should Hire Our Service?

1)  Those who recognize the value of scouting but don’t have the ability or time to scout an area before their arrival will most benefit from our services.

2) Non-residents seem to be most happy with our service as they can hire us then when hunting season rolls around, drive out and start hunting with a good knowledge of the area and what to expect.

3) Groups of two or more hunters who can’t scout their area are a good match for our service as our price is the same regardless of group size. This makes our cost very affordable per person.

Who Should NOT Hire Our Service?

1) If you already have the ability and knowledge to scout your area, please don’t hire us.   We’ve had hunters hire us who are already scouting the unit and hope we can find something out they can’t. Odds are we won’t and you won’t be satisfied with the information we provide.

2)  Those who don’t trust us. Please, send no money if you don’t value and trust in what we do. Keep your money and go golfing or something, or better yet, spend it scouting the area yourself.

3) Locals. If you live near your hunt area, you probably won’t be happy with our service. Sure enough, we’ll spend a weekend scouting your area, and when we send you the map with the recommended hunt area, you’ll say something like, “I already knew about that place.”  We have and will work for locals, but only if they can’t scout the area themselves.

Map Package

The map packages for both our Full Scouting packages and our Informational packages consists of 1:100,000 topographical maps of your central hunting area and 1:126,720 forest service or 1:100,000 BLM maps of your greater hunting area or unit. Most of the information that we gather will be written directly on these maps.

Our full scouting packages usually include photos of your area (we’re not professional photographers but the pictures will assist you in becoming familiar with the terrain and habitat.) No matter which package that you chose, all you’ll have to do is show up and start hunting.


The costs of our full scouting package is regardless of your group size

Idaho is usually $895 depending on how far we have to travel.

For Western Wyoming (Regions G and H,) $995

For Northeast Nevada (areas 6 and 7,) we charge $1250

Our informational packages, when available, are $350 for all states that we cover.

Usually two or more hunters hire our services and split the cost. If you have ever traveled hundreds of miles to a hunting area and then spent days trying to figure out how to hunt it, you’ll realize the cost of our service is a value.

Contract Agreement

If you do hire our service, we’ll send you a contract agreement explaining in detail what you can expect from our service. This protects both parties involved and should give you a sense of confidence in hiring a company that may be located many miles from your home.

Deposit and Refund Policy

For our full scouting packages, if you’re paying by credit card, we require a 50% deposit before we’ll start the scouting package. The balance is due upon completion of scouting package. If you’re paying by check or money order, we require payment in full before we’ll send out your scouting package. We’ve been in business since 1997 and you can trust our reputation that we will complete your scouting package as agreed. For our informational packages, the entire amount is due before the package will be mailed.

1) If we are unable to complete the scouting package as agreed upon in the contract due to our own actions, we will refund the amount paid in a timely manner.  In all our years of business, we’ve only missed completing a package as agreed.  That was due to a car accident and we refunded all monies paid

2) As stated on our contract, we are a hunting consulting service and can’t control inclement weather, hunting conditions, big game habits, hunting pressure, hunter success, your personal hunting abilities or attitude toward hunting, or emergency regulation changes. No refunds will be made if your hunt is adversely affected by events or conditions beyond our control.  We can only guarantee the information gathered for your scouting package is accurate at the time we gathered it.

3) If you can’t make your intended hunt, we don’t give refunds, so plan ahead!

Scouting Methods Used

As far as the scouting methods we use, they vary.  Between myself and the scouts I hire, we’ve got decades of experience scouting and hunting the units we sell information for.  We’ve spent ample time during  preseason,  season, and post season in virtually every unit where we provide information.

We scout from the ground in most units.  Sometimes this is just driving around locating access points to hunt areas we know through our research hold potential.  Other times, it involves early morning/late evening glassing and hiking to locate big-game hideouts. I’ve even used horses to access hard-to-reach locations.

For some areas, we also rely on aerial scouting.  It’s the most time-efficient way to learn a unit and locate the habitat most likely to hold the target species (Read below about the Legality and Ethics of Aerial Scouting.)

The point is, we decide which method is most productive based on what we are charging and the area we are scouting based on decades of experience scouting and hunting.

If you think we can locate you a trophy-class buck or bull for the $275 to $1,000 per hunt party that we charge compared to the $4,000 to $15,000 per hunter that outfitters charge, plus they guide you, please continue surfing the web, you should have never come to this website.

However, if you need a place to hunt and don’t have the time or ability to scout before the season, then we might be a good fit for you. We’ll spend one to three days in the unit narrowing down areas for you to hunt. If that is not worth it to you, don’t contact us and waste both our time.  We reserve the right to scout for multiple hunter groups in a given unit. The quality of the information we sell is distributed first-come, first-serve. We do not overlap information with other groups that might be in the unit. Read our overlap policy stated below in the first question. In most cases, we are only selling information to one group per big game unit per year.

The Legality and Ethics of Aerial Scouting:

Let’s take a minute to discuss a sometimes heated topic: aerial scouting.  First, is it legal? In many situations it is, in certain situations it is not. It also depends on which state you’re operating in. For example, Idaho is pretty liberal while Nevada is more restrictive. There is also a Federal Law called the Airborne Hunting Act that dictates how aerial scouting can be done. Finally there’s Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) laws that apply to charging (FAA Part 135) for aerial scouting services (if we are charging you for aerial scouting, we are hiring pilots from local FBO’s who can charge under FAA part 135.)
Without boring you with details, I can assure you we understand all applicable laws and operate within the them while aerial scouting in each state.

Second, let’s discuss the ethics of aerial scouting. As long as you stay within the laws, it is an ethical pursuit to most people. We never fly during open big-game seasons for the target species (so please, don’t ask us to), although it is legal is some states like Idaho. We never intentionally harass wildlife from the air. We maintain no radio communications with anyone on the ground near the hunting area.  Except in the case of early archery seasons, we usually conduct any aerial surveys 30 to 60 days before hunting seasons open.  Even if we happen to locate a trophy animal from the air (unlikely), the hunter still has to find that same animal again, often months after we’ve scouted the area. It is possible, (I’ve done it about twice in my entire hunting career) but unlikely.

The real value in aerial scouting is learning a unit quickly and finding suitable habitats in the unit. After spending hundreds of hours in the air over nearly 20 years, I estimate that only 20% of the area of a given unit, especially a mountainous unit, will have suitable habitat for the target species during hunting season. We aerial scout to locate those areas faster. A hunter still has to overcome the innumerable challenges that characterize hunting, making aerial scouting an ethical tool many of the best big-game hunters in the West, and the world, use. It is just one of the many tools a hunter can use in locating big-game and big-game habitat.

Common Questions about Our Scouting Services

Question: If we hire your service, will you put any other hunters in the area we are hunting?

Answer: No. Our overlap policy is to not put hunters within 3 miles of other scouting packages for the same year and same species. The information that we gather for your scouting package will be sold only under the contract agreed upon between Wescout4u.com and you for the year for which the contract was sold.

Question: What if I plan to return to the area the following year- will you put hunters within that area again?

Answer: If you obtain the license and tag for the following year, and notify us that you will be returning to the same area and we won’t sell any packages within 3 miles of that area. If you don’t notify us, we’ll resume scouting the area for future use.

Question: I’ve heard that you must be licensed to be a guide- are you?

Answer: According to Idaho Outfitters and Guides Licensing Board (IOGLB), the public-land scouting portion of our business constitutes a a hunting information service and is not considered a guiding service. IOGLB does not require licensing for hunting information services that gather information for prescouted areas. If you have any further questions on this matter, you can call Idaho Outfitters and Guides Licensing Board @ 1-208-327-7380

Wyoming and Nevada have similar laws and we stay in compliance with those, too.

Question: How much time will you spend scouting an area for us?

Answer: One to three days in most cases. Enough time to save you a week of scouting if you’re new to an area.

Question: Do you have references available?

Answer: Yes. We have references available for both successful and unsuccessful hunters that we’ve helped out dating back over 10 years.

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